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EYECIL™ : Eyebrow Stereo template




A very quick and easy way to shape your eyebrows instead of spending much time trying to get both eyebrows the same shape
Position the stencil over the brow and using a brow powder with a brush, lightly fill in the stencil by using up and away strokes then turn over the stencil, line it up and repeat on the other eyebrow.
Also a great way to define eyebrows when plucking, apply a little more powder than usual to darken the eyebrow and pluck the stray hairs outside the shape.

  • Reusable and practical eyebrow stencils offer you precise and easy tracing.
  • Very convenient and useful.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Compact and easy to carry.


Ideal beauty facial tool for ladies, makes you much more charming and eye catching.Now you can draw eyebrows accurately and exquisitely with this tool.

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